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Are you looking for a pre-school in St Heliers that is a nurturing and stimulating environment? As Early Childhood Educators, we enjoy providing a safe, caring and happy learning environment. Catering for two to five-year-olds, your child’s early learning journey starts here!


Embracing the Te Whariki curriculum, we help your child develop holistic learning capabilities.


Christian values help tamariki to feel a sense of belonging & self-belief. A pre-school in the St Heliers Centre.

ready for school

Starting school is so much easier when your child understands what to expect. Supporting their transition is key.

Committed to your child's LeARNING JOURNEY

Experienced ECE Teachers

At the heart of Small Miracles is a team of amazing ECE teachers. You know we love being a part of the pre-school, because our team have been together for many years. Staying up-to-date with the latest pedagogy, helps us bring developmentally appropriate learning to our teaching. It’s our pleasure to be a well-known preschool and team within the St Heliers community. Furthermore, its a delight to see our Alumni of gorgeous little school graduates as they grow and flourish as they head to school and into our wider St Heliers community.

Early Learning Education
Early Learning Education Pre-school in St Heliers

Bi-cultural Education with Strong Values

First and foremost, we provide Early Childhood Education in a caring, happy, creative, inclusive and supportive environment.  With quality facilities and teachers, we are able to promote physical, emotional, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.

It’s lovely for little ones to transition from home into an environment that isn’t overwhelming. So, we are licensed for a maximum of 33 children aged two to five years. Also, our high staff ratios means that your child gets the individual attention they need as tiny tots. 

Moreover, we’re a part of the St Heliers Centre and Presbyterian Church. Sharing the values of this great organization with our tamariki is part of our Philosophy.

As our little tamariki leave pre-school and head to school in the St Heliers surrounds, they have a circle of life long friendships from the community and parish.

Our caring Pre-school

Small Miracles is an amazing little school, with indoor and outdoor areas for play and exploring. There is always something different set up for the children to learn through play. Every day my children come home with something new to tell us about, we love that they are learning about the world around them and socialising in such a warm and loving environment. You can tell that teaching about love and tolerance is prioritised at Small Miracles, they instil wonderful values in our little ones. The whole centre exudes warmth, comfort, and a sense of community. I love the effort that is made to make sure that whanau feel included and part of this community,. The teachers are what really make Small Miracles special!! A diverse group of experienced teachers, most have been working there for many years. They are all approachable and responsive, they interact with both our children and ourselves in a caring manner. We have watched our children grow, develop, and thrive at Small Miracles Pre-school, and I am so grateful that we have found such an amazing place for our children to grow and learn. Thank you.
The Rush Family
We are so grateful for Small Miracles and the beautiful teachers at the pre-school. We have had our three children attend it and the love, nurturing and fun the kids had is just so special and unique. Our older boys still speak about it! We have also made wonderful friends through the Small Miracles community that we will cherish forever. Thank you, Ingrid and all the amazing teachers. You've been and continue to be just AMAZING! You have created a magical place where kids can explore, thrive and create the best memories before heading off to school. We love you guys!-
The Bollands
Seeing our children flourish in confidence and creativity has been amazing. Our school age daughter still loves her Small Miracles teachers the best - despite having moved on. Every day a new adventure awaits. Even on days when our little ones have been settling into Pre-school, we have confidence we have left our child in the loving hands of trusted caregivers. Every pick-up is characterised by a glowing, happy face who annouces it was 'so much fun'...or the 'best day ever.' We've made friends for life with the pre-school and St Heliers community of wonderful teachers and families.
The Reeds
Small Miracles Pre-school is the most wonderful place to send your children to. Both my girls have attended here and they had the most incredible time. Every day they looked forward to attending and would ask if it was a pre-school day today as soon as they woke up in the mornings. The Teachers are amazing, patient and nurturing and so in tune with children’s needs. Every day there are different activities laid out for the children to explore and they regularly set up family events too so we can all take part in the magic.
Our three children attended Small Miracles. The love, nurturing and fun the kids recieve is so unique. They have created a magical place where little kids can explore, thrive and create wonderful memories before school.
The Smiths
St Heliers
We have recently joined the Small Miracles Family and feel very lucky to have experienced such an incredible transition. The teachers are so friendly and caring and the activities on offer are always new and exciting. Every child in the Centre is happy and engaged. Harry brings home artwork and creations each day and always has a happy smile on his face at pick up time.
The Nicholls
St Heliers

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