Our programme

As a fully licensed preschool, Small Miracles follows the recommended curriculum for early childhood in New Zealand, Te Whariki. Te Whariki seeks to provide excellence in education with an emphasis on children learning through play. Children are valued as individuals and nurtured in a warm and caring environment that encourages them to share and develop their interests and ideas.

Te Whariki is founded on the following aspirations for children:

“To grow up as confident and competent learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society”

Our Day

Throughout the day our environment is setup to promote fun and active exploration building on the children’s interests.

9am: Greet and free play (indoor/outdoor flow)

10am: Optional group time

10:15am: Morning kai time

10:30am:  Free play (indoor/outdoor flow)

11:45am: Leaving group time

12pm: Kai time

12:30pm: Free play (indoor/outdoor flow)

2:45: Leaving group time

3pm: Session ends

Little Explorers

This is a programme focused on supporting our tamariki as they transition to school.

Within the programme we hope to further develop children’s curiosity about life and equip them with the skills to inquire and investigate; supporting the development of social competencies and self-help skills that will support children as they take the next step in their learning journey.

Our Little Explorers will have the opportunity to develop literacy and numeracy skills through art, story-telling, music, games, and construction. There will also be opportunities to develop early writing skills and letter recognition within the context of the programme and the child’s readiness.

On occasion, we will take a small group of our 10 oldest children on a local excursion i.e. Dingle Dell, St Heliers Beach, Library. The rationale behind these excursions is that the experience for the children is more beneficial in the small group atmosphere. Every child will have the opportunity to be part of this group as the oldest children move on to school. The children remaining at the centre will continue to engage in the afternoon programme that we offer.